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1. Suitable for skin contact jewelry, the surface will not change due to the environment, long-term wear can maintain luster and smoothness.
2. The metallic luster of titanium steel is very close to the luster of platinum, which is both noble and elegant, but also modern.
3. The maintenance and cleaning of titanium steel jewelry are also very easy, not in a strong acid environment, and no special maintenance is required at all.

Specifications (length * width): 16mm12 inches (recommended dog neck 8 inches), 16mm14 inches (recommended dog neck 10 inches), 16mm16 inches (recommended dog neck 12 inches), 16mm18 inches (recommended dog neck 14 inches), 16mm20 inches ( Recommended dog neck 16 inches), 16mm 22 inches (recommended dog neck 18 inches), 16mm 24 inches (recommended dog neck 20 inches), 16mm 26 inches (recommended dog neck 22 inches), 16mm 28 inches (recommended dog neck 24 inches), 16mm 30 inches ( Recommended dog neck 26 inches), 16 mm 32 inches (recommended dog neck 28 inches), 16 mm 34 inches (recommended dog neck 30 inches)
Chain width: 16mm
Process: six-sided grinding chain, polishing vacuum plating

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1*Pet Chain


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