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Dr. Becker's BIG Appetite Flakes

Dr. Becker's BIG Appetite Flakes

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One of the first appetite stimulants introduced to the marketplace over 15 years ago, our Flakes have proven themselves to customers time and time again. What our customers HAVE asked for is a larger container of the flakes. We've heard you and are happy to introduce our BIG Appetite Flakes. Holding the exact same ingredients as our original Appetite Flakes, this value-added product contains nearly 4 times the flakes as the original bottle and will help stretch your dollar just a bit further. BENEFITS: Our Appetite Flakes are ideal for pets transitioning to a new food and for pets that are just plain finicky eaters. They are also widely used simply as a "topper" as a unique way of letting your pet know how much you love them!
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