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Eco-friendly Re-Cotton harness for dogs

Eco-friendly Re-Cotton harness for dogs

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The Re-Cotton collection is made of recycled cotton. So by getting the Re-Cotton harness for your pet, you're instantly lowering your carbon footprint and taking a huge step towards smart consumption.


Recycled cotton This harness is made of recycled cotton to preserve natural resources. The material is extremely durable, soft, flexible, and hypoallergenic. The Re-Cotton harness will suit even dogs with sensitive skin and allergy issues.

Easy to care for Recycled cotton handles washing very well. So just throw the Re-Cotton harness in your washing machine and the next thing you know its clean again!

Anatomically correct design The harness is designed to be completely harmless for your pets health. It distributes the load allowing your dog to always feel comfy.

Reliable plastic clasp Made of sturdy plastic, this lightweight yet very durable clasp will safely keep the collar on your dogs neck no matter what. The clasp is reinforced with a lock for improved reliability.

Smart ID Tag Have greater peace of mind with this modern digital solution for your pets safety! This Smart ID Tag comes with a unique QR code and a free multifunctional app to make sure you WILL find your dog if he or she decides to experience more freedom.

Reflective thread It is stitched with a reflective thread that will make your nighttime walks more comfortable.

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