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LED PET Safety Halo Style Collar

LED PET Safety Halo Style Collar

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Love your furry friends? Get this Pet Safety Collar belt with an LED light that can be seen from a 1000 ft. away. When you take your pet dog for a daily stroll at night, put this Halo style collar around their neck, it is perfect to make them visible to other people and keeps them safe from the passing cars too!
If your pets could write, they will write you a thank you note for making them look cute and keeping them safe!
The collar has an on and off switch. When turned on, it gives a flashing mode, a constant mode and off mode.
The collar comes in multiple sizes:
Medium: 15"-19"?.Large: 16"-21"?.X-Large: 17"-23"?.
It comes in colors like Red, Blue, Orange, Hot Pink, and Green.
Get more, each sold separately.
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